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Current acceptance period unkown

The Gateway: The path of transportation between friends, between teammates and between locations of exploration and growth. The Gateway is a precious resource to all players in Elder Tale. It's something that we all rely on and take for granted.

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ [ P O K E D U N G E O N ]

Current acceptance period closed. Waiting-List open.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an explorer? Do you long for the excitement of adventure? Or maybe you just wish to help make a difference in the world no matter how small the task may be? Then why don't you join The Guild, a place for all adventuresome pokemon gijinkas! Join one of the three factions (Diamond, Ruby, and Emerald) and work with your team to move up the ranks and help the gijinkas of the surrounding areas!

And yep, there ya go, advertisements for groups that are having or will be having an opening soon 8D Go check them out~

    Prim's Story

    It had been a long time since there was a mission, the last one Prim had been on was with a young girl name Sakura and her good friend Bernard. She smiled thinking about what a good team they had made against the treekos. This time was different though, she would be with her official team, the "Dragon Penguins" which was made up of a Piplup, Dragalge, and herself a Delibird. She was actually friends with the Piplup; he was a nice guy named Poseidon, or Popo as she liked to call him every so often. They had gone on an adventure once. But the Dragalge lady she had only met during team registration, and she didn't know much of anything besides her name was Asha and she was older then herself.

    But none of that mattered, she was sure she would become friends with Asha soon enough, after all it was an official TEAM mission! Oh Prim was so excited as she got ready, she had bought berries galore despite knowing that each team could only take three items. Primrose, despite her ditsy nature, knew that she wanted to be as prepared as possible for her teammates, specially knowing that she would be almost useless in a fight. She sighed at the thought of her "Present" attack, it was the only attack she knew and had the possibility to heal! Oh my! What horror that would be if she healed the enemy. Well ... at least her tail would be good to carry everything.

    The Delibird was excited and nervous all at the same time as she got ready. She combed out her hair and her tail and put on her newest dress, a white dress with a yellow top and yellow frill on the bottom, and brown boots with straps on the sides. She then placed her yellow hat that matched on top of her head, taking one last glance at herself in the mirror she rushed out the door. The berries she decided to take were Chesto, Cheri, and Pecha She figured it would cover all the bases being in the forest. Chesto, encase someone fell asleep. Cheri, she didn't want anyone to be paralyzed if they had to run. Last but not least, a Pecha for poison.

It was time to meet up with the rest of her team.

Asha's Story

    Lemon green grass crunched softly beneath the bare feet of the dragalge as she wiggled her toes absentmindedly. It was well into summer and a lack of rain in the area meant the foliage in Treasure Town was starting to turn brittle. Would the vegetation of the Melodic Woods be suffering similarly? Surely not. The forest was well known for its towering trees and blossoming flowers. Perhaps it was a difference in elevation that allowed the Melodic Woods to thrive so swimmingly. Either way, the pink haired female was ready to start the expedition. 

    She hadn't spent much time with her teammates yet, aloofness being a normal part of her personality to begin with. Still, with the short time she had spent with them at the team announcement board, she could happily say she was pleased with her fellow explorers so far. The two penguins were much closer in age with each other than they were with her and seemed to already be well acquainted with one another. That was a plus. If she was the only one out of the three that needed to get to know the rest of the team then there would certainly be less tension among them all as a whole.

“My best effort I’ll put forth,
As we head up to the north. 
Though I don’t know what we’ll encounter, 
I won’t this lack of knowledge be a downer.”  

    As Asha murmured softly to herself a flash of bright yellow caught her attention. Raspberry colored eyes flicking upward, she spotted the red headed delibird, Prim. The sundress fit the younger girl well making her look quite ready for the expedition. Raising a hand into the air, Asha gave a light wave to draw the other’s attention over to her. As Prim caught sight of her, the dragalge lips parted into a soft smile.

    It was almost time to go …

Dragon Penguins: First Expedition - Part 1
Here we go~ The Dragon Penguins are ready to go on the expedition!

Prim's Story Ⓒ LadyMeowCat
Asha's Story Ⓒ xxELMxx

PokePoint Math

Word Count: 713

28 PP [ 713(wc) x 0.04(short) ]

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