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Dragon Penguins: First Expedition - Part 1
    Prim's Story

    It had been a long time since there was a mission, the last one Prim had been on was with a young girl name Sakura and her good friend Bernard. She smiled thinking about what a good team they had made against the treekos. This time was different though, she would be with her official team, the "Dragon Penguins" which was made up of a Piplup, Dragalge, and herself a Delibird. She was actually friends with the Piplup; he was a nice guy named Poseidon, or Popo as she liked to call him every so often. They had gone on an adventure once. But the Dragalge lady she had only met during team registration, and she didn't know much of anything besides her name was Asha and she was older then herself.
    But none of that mattered, she was sure she would become friends with Asha soon enough, after all it was an official TEAM mission! Oh Prim was so excited as she got ready, she had bought berries galore despite knowing
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PokeDungeon Written App Template
Basic Information
Name: (What is your characters name?)
Gender: (Are they male or female?)
Age: (How old are they?)
Date of Birth: (.: Optional :. What month and day were they born on?)
PokeDungeon Profile
Guild: (What guild did they join? Diamond/Ruby/Emerald)
Rank: (What rank are they? Everyone starts out as Bronze Rookie!)
Stats: (You have 6 points to distribute between Strength, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Speed. Choose wisely!)
Pokemon Profile

Pokemon: (What Pokemon are they based off of?)
Generation: (What generation does that Pokemon come from?)
Ability: (.: OPTIONAL :. What ability do they have?)
Moves: (What moves do they know? Everyone starts out with three!)
Height: (How tall are they?)
Weight: (How heavy are they?)
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PokeDungeon - Guild Leader Cosplay Meme by xxELMxx PokeDungeon - Guild Leader Cosplay Meme :iconxxelmxx:xxELMxx 2 10 PokeDungeon - Blitzen Banking Card by xxELMxx PokeDungeon - Blitzen Banking Card :iconxxelmxx:xxELMxx 3 5


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